April 18th, 2008

l'amore est mort

Had a surprisingly rough night last night. The dreams weren't bad or scary but have left me quite shaken up and disturbed.

Mostly I think the dream was related to going to Cam games. But there was an element about relationships that ran as a subplot too. It seemed all my friends' relationships were in turmoil. They'd all ended recently and in some cases rebounded straight in to someone else. But I was oblivious to all of this and it was only from talking/gossping with the more observant friends that all this came to light.

End result is me waking up feeling very lonely and not wanting to face the world right now. Which is poor as I've got another vampire trip. Some how I've managed to get to the station, although I just missed the train. So I've had a lovely wait for the next one.

Can I load an old saved game please? :(
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