March 7th, 2008

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Pub last night wasn't as bad as expected. The kitchen closed early, but there was a BBQ for the party and they didn't appear to mind randoms pinching stuff (based on my co-workers experiences). And we coralled in the end of the pub with the pool table (although it was moved to the side) and the comfy (if poisonous) leather sofas.

It turns out it was Spanish Soc that were hosting the event. One of the many pointless socs that are really just departmental social groups that the college is too stingy to fund themselves.

The pub was pretty packed - probably the first time I've seen it that busy since back in the days when the rock night was on. I imagine A is very pleased with his takings/profit even if he did have the hassle of moving all the furniture and hiring an extra member of staff.

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