February 6th, 2008


Despite being stuck in training all week, it has lots of "lab" work on our laptops which also just happen to have 'net access. w00t! This is good as it means I can keep my brain awake whilst the trainer drones on at the front.

Last night I didn't use up the last of my eggs, flour and milk as instead I cheated and used Jif's pancake powder instead. Makes far more sense given that I have absolutely no use for flour in my daily life and it's a waste buying a pack of flour just to eat pancakes once a year. And despite using soya milk, they turned out pretty tasty. I even managed to toss a few too.

I also got my Zen Stone plus yesterday, so I've started the task of filling it full of music. Looks like it's going to take ages to rip all my CDs especially as I keep forgetting the ripping program needs a million and one questions answered before it'll do anything. Might have to see how good it is at just getting on by itself.