January 21st, 2008

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The weekend has been a mixture of good and bad. The bad has mostly been related to sleep in that I've had not as much as I'd like. This is all my own fault, admittedly, because during the Dark Ages game I guzzled over a litre of cherry coke. So I couldn't get to sleep at all on Saturday night. This meant when I did get to sleep, I eventually woke up far too late to make it to fight-club.

And then last night I was still having a little trouble sleeping and then I go and have a Collapse )But otherwise the weekend was OK. I didn't have much NPCing to do in Dark Ages, but I had fun doing what little I did do and I had a book to read about Second Life for the non active bits.

I also had a chat to eggwhite and izzy_stradlin about some web projects we've got plans on doing. It's scary some of the the things we covered, but I think I've gained a lot more understanding about where I'm going wrong.

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