January 14th, 2008

Weekend part 2

After eating steak I went shopping! I like shopping. I got the orange box so now I can play Portal...or rather finish it. I'm already quite a way through. I got another game which already I can't remember the name of, but it was something I was quite eager to get. And a bunch of books, notably the entire Night Watch trilogy.

I like the staff in Waterstones. Whilst I was in there, two of them were "debating" which came first - Night Watch or Day Watch. Who was making the tea was at stake. I almost butted in to provide the correct answer (clearly Night Watch), but the guy backing Night Watch pulled out some conclusive proof. But I did then interrupt cos they also listed Twilight Watch and I had to check if that was out yet...to complete the trilogy as Books Etc only had the first 2.

Then I went to London Requiem. Having not played the character in far too long and being in the middle of something that involves players that don't play at London, I was kind of at a loss of what to do exactly. And the few PCs I did want to speak to got imbroiled in a big political plot full of murder, assassinations and who was Prince etc... So in some ways the game was kinda pointless. But on the plus side I got to catch up with lucifermourning which made it worth while.

Sunday was spent visiting the parental unit for lunch and stuff. Then when I got back I played a lot of Portal. There isn't as much frantic firing off portals left, right and center as I expected, but it's still good fun. Oh and I ate cake (IRL ;)