January 11th, 2008

Happy Easter!

At least according to Tescos - they're already selling creme eggs :O

Not that I'm complaining - they are very very nice...*yums*

ION, I'm glad this didn't happen to me during my trip.

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Today is certainly turning out to be of mixed blessings. Obviously it's pissing down with rain which is enough to drown out anyones' good mood, but on top of that, I had the joy of traipsing over to St Peters to see the skin docs.

Having missed the train (huge queues for such a late time of day!) and forking out a small fortune on a taxi, I arrived with plenty of time to spare. Except that as I waited to "check in", I noticed that on the back of my appointment card it had someone elses name on it and what I guessed was not my hospital number. Sure enough, I didn't have an appointment and neither did the other guy who had obviously discovered he had an appointment and had cancelled it. Luckily they realised it was all their fault and managed to squeeze me in.

The doctor was shocked when he saw me as he thought (despite the huge tiem since I last saw him) my face and hands had redically improved. Whilst I realise that this is the case, he really didn't sound very sincere at all and it sounded more like he was only too glad to be shot of me. Maybe it didn't help that the receptionist had told me that he was shutting up shop and moving on to new pastures?

But the long and short of it is, that apparently my skin is vastly better than it was when he first saw me and I no longer have to go and see him. Even cryx said as much when I saw her and I look vastly younger than I did. I realise this should probably mean I need to take some newer photos to pimp myself out with as my current photos probably don't reflect the real me. I'll have to see what I can knock out tonight after work.

Assuming I don't have any plans after work? Do I? I really can't remember if I've told folk I'll be doing something prior to my trip, which is very annoying. Although more than likely, I don't have any plans saved up and I'm just being silly :)