January 7th, 2008

Stop the clock, I've found the clue!

I managed to witness the Noon Day Gun, but it was a very very close thing. They really don't like putting up directional signs around here at all. I was told that there was a underpass from the World Trade Center next door to the harbour front near where the gun was, so off I traipsed to go find it. I ended up in the top floor of the carpark and there wasn't a single indication I was even heading in the right direction. I had to head all the way out of the WTC and come in via a different entrance to find the underpass...which was on the top floor of the carpark.

Anyway, it was, as expected, a very tiny gun, but it made a very big boom. Not earth shattering thankfully though. I took a movie of the whole process (it involved ringing bells too), so expect that up at some point. I think I'll wait until I get home when I have nice fast broadband to play with. The rest of the day was spent bimbling about. I found a restaurant from the guidebook and had some kind of hot garlic sauce chicken dish. Not very big on the garlic, but it was certainly very hot. I watched National Treasure 2 (I also saw I am Legend yesterday too btw). I bought some movies. Blu-ray movies are so cheap over here, but so very few of them are region free. DVDs are also pretty cheap (like 4quid) so I got a couple of them too.

Now I have only a few hours until I have to leave the hotel and fly back to Blighty. If all goes according to plan, that should be in around 24 hours. Hopefully you haven't all gone crazy and wrecked the place whilst I was away.

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