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One thing I forgot to mention is that whilst waiting at Staines (the trains were crap) there were too guys (or kids?) waiting for the train too. I only noticed them cos they were bloodied - face, body and clothes. Even their baseball caps. Very worrying. They were trying to read some letters, which sounded like something from the police, but their English skills were so poor they sounded like a couple of 3 year olds trying to read.

Anyhow, today I went to the pub as I mentioned in I would. Low turnout and food took ages in turning up. Then I went with barty and sollunastella to the park and we wandered about a bit, saw some deer and bunnies and stuff. It gets bloody quiet when you get off the beaten track.

Did sod all when I got back, but I'm watching T2: The extended special edition now. Hopefully the cramp I got last night will have eased out of my leg in time for cycling to work tomorrow. Feels better than when I woke up.