December 20th, 2007

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I went to the Sydney Aquarium today. It was soooo cool! I managed to fill up my 2Gb SD card in my camera. I then went to put in my other 2Gb card I'd got for the ipaq, but couldn't get to work only to find that I must have left it in the ipaq and I only had the original 32Mb card that came with the camera. Which was only good enough for 8 pictures, so I figured I was probably better off going back and deleting some of the duplicates I took to ensure quality.

Anyway, I saw lots of fishes. Red fishes, green fishes, blue fishes, silver fishes, big fishes, small fishes, Nemo fishes, see-thru fishes etc... And there were sharks and stingrays (I avoided prodding them until they stabbed me through the heart) and turtles and all manner of other sea creatures. There were even some sea cucumbers, which were in a petting pool. I got to stroke sea cucumbers! I took pictures of sea cucumbers so sea_cucumber could see...then I took pictures of me touching one of them...then I figured I might as well go the whole hog and took a movie of me touching all the sea cucumbers. They are so squishy and soft. Much like sea_cucumber, expect she doesn't have a big flowery maw with which to devour small tiny invisible things floating past her. Or at least, not that I'm aware of.

Obviously it'll be a while before I can upload any of this stuff so you lot can witness the wonders and delights of the gummi sea creatures. It'll probably take me a while to sort through them and weed out all the crap duplicates. That is the one good thing about having a 2Gb card to play with - I can take many shots of fishes and then keep the best one later. I'm even going to be really clever and try to stitch together some photos I took of a REALLY long crocodile. It was HUGE and not doing really very much. Although it did raise it's nose and eyes out of the water, just to prove it wasn't dead. I'm surprised the poor thing isn't lonely though as it was all by itself in the enclosure. No lady crocodile for it to smooch and cuddle up with.

For lunch I decided to have squid rings and chips. Totally not proper squid rings though. It was all mushed up inside the ring. What a cop out!

And ION the weather over here is definitely making it more like home for me. It rained on the way home last night (yes, I know, I forgot to mention it in the previous post) and then on the way out of the Aquarium. Which is partly why I'm online now :)