December 18th, 2007

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Todays trundle was brought to you by the letters P and H and the number 3 (or something like that).

After catching a train (oooh! double decker) (once I'd worked out which platform was which (absolutely no indication once you're on them)) into Sydney, I decided to just strike out into a random direction - although one I already had a vague idea about from going in to town last night. Eventually I found signs pointing out I was heading towards the Aquarium, so I was tempted to go there, but then I also noticed there was signs to the Powerhouse Musuem, which cryx had pointed out last night. Having no idea which I wanted to do, but knowing I had more than enough time to do both, I headed to the nearer which was the Powerhouse place.

It's a bit like our Science Museum. There's sections with buttons to push and things you can wiggle or turn or whatever. It's got a HUGE steam engine - one of the first in the world (from the UK ;) - but unfortunately wasn't in action. Which might have been because it could generate such speeds that it would tear itself apart according to someone who appeared to be a guide.

I had my first pie (they love pie almost as much as beer - clearly a heaven for riksowden). And that was that. I've borrowed a mobile off cryx and activated the free SIM I'd gained from ordering via Expedia. Not sure if it's finacially worth it, but it does come with 10quid already on it. I'm sure it'll come in handy though if I really need it.

And that was that. So far. Obviously it's only 6.30pm, so I've possibly got a fun filled evening to look foward to. cryx is off learning to be a Ninja and may come back too tired even to eat, although I doubt that'll stop her for long. Especially as there may be chocolate involved.

In weather related news, it's apparently going to be the coldest and wettest Summer ever. Great. I was planning on stealing their hot summer and bringing it back. Or maybe I have and this is what is left?