December 17th, 2007

And then what happened?

So I'm in Sydney now. Pictures are going to be a tad curtailed until I can find some proper spod. Spod at the hostel (*gasp* I know - I'm slumming it a tad) is only for "light surfing and email". I'm not entirely sure I know how to do "light surfing". But anyway, that doesn't mean uploading Gbs of photos.

Weather has been um...not what I expected at all. It's sunny but a little overcast and cold. The kinda cold we are used to for our summers. In fact I'd swear it was one of our summers so far.

I have located the crxy lady and passed on the one and only hug request so far received. We went out for some cheap food last night. Then had icecream in this place where you can mix it all up with bits and flavours - like DIYing your own Ben'Jerrys. Then we saw Beowulf on IMAX 3d. The 3d works, but makes my head spin and go squiffy. The film - not so great. Jolie nekkid? Not as such - it's all very Anime and anything interesting has been completely removed of any detail - even her boobs are just 2 round lumps.

I've been introduced to the local supermarket, the cat and housemate too.

Today I shall bimble-forth into Sydney.