December 15th, 2007

Rain calls off play

Today's trip out involved China town; filled with all manner of stalls and shops selling all manner of oddities and tourist tat. Oh and lots of tailors who, if you even give them even the slightiest hint you've noticed them, will try their hardest to sell you an item of hand made clothing. The fact I'm standing their in jeans and a t-shirt, whilst they offer to make me a suit is kinda silly. Do I look like the sort of person who wears a suit? Certainly not in my mind.

My plan had involved finding somewhere to eat, but I couldn't find the place I'd noted in my travel guide and those I did see, kind of scared me. It's difficult to know whether a place is any good based on a couple of example dishes they have pictures of and it's name. One placed for example had "Noodles covered in meat sauce". Meat sauce? Um...yeah. I prefer my food to have a little bit more specificness. I didn't ask what kind of meat and moved on.

Eventually I gave up on finding something a bit "local" to eat in and stubmled into the first place that sold food I recognised which was a tiny American style bar. The cheese burger I had was pretty damn good - certainly better than what The Railway serves up.

Whilst I was eating the heavens finally decided to open up and let loose their fury upon us. It was a lot more impressive than the spot of rain from yesterday. Being British (god dammnit it ;) and not afraid of a spot of water, I walked to the nearest tube station. Luckily unlike Britain, they clearly have decent plumbing undergound and so the vast amount of water didn't flood the streets too much. Although I still ended up with soggy feet. My brolly also seems to have somehow broken too - although I think that was it getting caught on something in my bag rather than weather.</p>

Their underground system is an example of what such things should be like. It's cheap for a start - only $2 to get back to the hotel and $1 of that was refunded on return of the funny plastic card you get. And it's clean. I think it runs on time too, but I wasn't really paying too much attention to that. The only thing that did remind me of home was the way that people would bundle in to the carriage and then not move down to fill up the empty bits.

Typically, the rain had stopped by the time I got back to the hotel, but I was pretty soaked, so I decided to call it a day for the time being. Maybe if I come back again, I can visit Little India then? Or maybe things will dry and I can do it this evening. I don't feel cheated though, as I've done far more in the past couple of days than I normally do in 2 weeks of holiday. Tomorrow I brave the skies once more and eventually get to see cryx. Hopefully my suitcase will survive long enough.

I ate what?

The rain has certainly cleared the air a lot. It's no longer like walking through treacle, but it's still pleasantly warm. It's still quite wet on the ground in places though. Hopefully my trainers will dry out before the flight tomorrow cos they're quite icky to walk in.

I ate more chinese food tonight, although nothing too adventures for the main course - just sweet and sour chicken and rick. It tasted a bit like Sugar Puffs - I guess they must have used honey in the batter or something.

For dessert I had double boiled Snow Fungus. Definitely a WTF food item. It's like eating really white, almost transparent pasta that is completely tasteless. Or boiled egg white I guess. I would't say it was disgusting, but I'm not sure I could recommend it in the form I had (in a sort of fruit salad soup). *shrugs* At least I can say I tried something new and different whilst I was here :)