November 25th, 2007

Book suggestions please

It's occurred to me that I might need something to read on my trip, so I figure I'd prod you lot for suggestions/recommendations. I've got a couple of new books on my unread pile, but another couple wouldn't go amiss.

ION lucifermourning and izzy_stradlin did us all proud knocking up a stonkingly mighty Thanksgiving feast on Friday. Lots of yummy food and the now obligatory sweet potatoe, pineapple and marshmallow mash. And lots of pie! I think I might need to twist izzy_stradlin's arm (gently obviously) to make more pumpkin pie.

Saturday was spent shopping! I got a load of bits and bobs that I think I might need on the trip. Then watched films (PotC3 and Highlander) at re-enactors president's place with more snacks than you could shake a stick at.

Today has been spent mostly upgrading mine and noseynick's server. Although to be honest, he's doing all the work. I'm just sitting here offering moral support and a physical body that can nip in to London if need be.