November 20th, 2007

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Dear gods,
Please ignore majic13's rather unkind words regarding your skills at producing rain. You've made your point now. You've done an excellent job of making lots and lots of water fall from the sky and flood this small country. He clearly knows nothing, does not speak for the rest of us and most importantly, he smells of old man wee. So please can you turn the water works off now?

Lots of love (and a big hope it'll stop raining)


I wonder how much else I've forgotten to sort out for this trip down under? I was reminded by a co-worker that I'd probably need jabs. I think I'm cutting it extremely fine. Assuming there is still time to take them before hand.

So, I've got tickets, hotels, flights, passport and visas all sorted? I'm planning on getting cash some time next week. So apart from the jabs is that it?

I think next time I'm definitely booking anything like this well in advanced so I can get a tour operator to do all the thinking for me :)