September 9th, 2007

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I have to say that has to be the best wedding I've ever been to. Somehow they managed to find some DJs who would play decent music. Stuff you could actual dance to. It was like being at the Electrical Ballroom or something. I bopped my little socks off and wished there had been more. Met plenty of nice people, some of which I already knew.

The gods were kind and provided suitable clear cloudless sky. I got to take lots of pictures and a couple of movies. Annoyingly my attempt to catching the happy couple walking down the aisle was thwated by technology - somehow I'd switched the camera into a "1 frame every second" kind of mode - so the end result was 5 frames that you could blink and miss. But I did get some great stuff.

The venue was OK. Nice large rooms. The trip there and back went smoothly. Ended up splurging on upgrading to first class on the way back. Meant I wasn't squished, not that I think I'd have minded too much unlike the trip going where I had to sit next to someone who fell asleep and kept trying tp spread out across both seats, despite the fact I was sitting in one of them.

PS I am home not writing this up on some train somewhere ;)

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