August 27th, 2007

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Well I took the plunge and got myself a PS3 today. In what could only be described as a stroke of luck, the shop I was going to get it from was shut by the time I'd finished checking what deals all the others had. How is this good luck? Well I went back to HMV whose deal included 2 movies compared to the one I'd get at my prefered store, but HMV only had 2 specific films I could get - Casino Royale (which I own on DVD) and Black Hawk Down. The prefered store had a slection which included Ghost Rider (which I don't own on DVD). See the logic there?

Anyway. HMV have clearly been selling PS3s like hotcakes or at least the two movies that come with them, cos they'd sold out of both of them. So the lovely store people said I could get any two other movies that were of a comparable price. Lo and behold, Ghost Rider came under that. So I got that and Flatliners. Win!

The games I was less lucky with, so when one of my choices was out of stock, I wasn't overly fussed and just got something else.

So far I'm pretty impressed with the picture quality even on my old crappy TV. No idea how the Blu-ray movies fare yet, cos despite all the settings I've fiddled and tweaked, it's insisting on outputting what I can only guess is NTSC or something. The picture is all grainy and black and white. Most annoying. Getting a HD TV will solve that problem though.

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