August 8th, 2007

Superstition or common sense?

On the way to work my path involved walking under a ladder. Except I walked around it. Now does this make me superstitious or is it just common sense not to walk under a ladder that potentially has someone up it that may drop something on unsuspecting folk below?

Last night's RQ session went exceeding well. The party were like a rabid Jack Russell on any clue or plot hint they got and savaged them all into nothingness. Which should hopefully mean that next week when my missing player has returned, they can be in prime position to discover her fate over the past month. I should probably throw in a few more plot seeds, but I fear that they'll do the Jack Russell thing on them instead of continuing on with what they're meant to be doing.

On the way home, we (I stress that it was certainly not my idea) decided to do a bit of crane spotting, as there was one towering over the town in a way that meant it was quite obviously nearby. We found it at the train station helping dismantle the substation and watched it lift up and move one of the large transformers.

Sleep was naff again - I keep getting woken up around 5. I wonder if it's my neighbours being noisy or something.