August 6th, 2007

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It completely slipped my mind, but I completely forgot to mention that I also popped into Playin' Games on Saturday too. Naturally this means that I've bought some new games to play. Typically I've a lousy memory for their names, but IIRC I bought Gloom, Unspeakable Words and Infernal Contraption.

I suspect a fair number of you will be interested in Unspeakable Words. It's a bit like Scrabble for Cthuhlu players. Very much like in fact as the aim of the game is to make up words (real ones) using the letter in your hand to gain the highest score. The letters are scored based on the number of angles and thus Hounds of Tindalos they have in them. Once you've made a word, you have to roll higher than it's score on a d20 or go screaming insane.

Gloom is a macabre game where you each have a family and your goal is to give each member a gloriously depressing and unhappy death. It has the novel approach of using transparent cards, so you stack them up on each character as you play them.

Infernal Contraption is a very silly game where you have to build a machine (out of cards) that drains the resources of your other goblin bodgers/players.

I'd be interested in giving them a whirl at some point if anyone wants to try them out?

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