August 2nd, 2007

Sometimes being single is a good thing

Went and saw Transformers last night. I thought the last showing would be quieter, it being midweek and people not wanting to stay out too late on a work night. How wrong I was. There was a queue stretching a good distance out of the doors. Being a clever bunny though, I skipped happily past the queue and went straight to one of the pay-by-card machines and got my ticket. I guess the people who queueing were only doing so to get their Orange Wednesday discount.

The film was pretty damn fine. There were a few glaring plot holes or whatever and the love interest wasn't visually appealing, but not being the kind of rabid perfectionist that has to have their films completely perfect I didn't see any of that being a problem and enjoyed myself instead. The robots were very shiny too.

Next film to look forward to is Bourne 3.

(no subject)

Having experienced more than my fair share of needles recently, I was thinking during my latest session how apart from the initial insertion that I didn't notice it was there. Which lead me on to thinking how good this bodes for neurocranial implants. They'd have to do it under a general to hook it up, but once in, I suspect I'd barely notice it. I hope they have such things in my lifetime.