July 16th, 2007

(no subject)

So apart from posting up my adventures in fruit flavoured cola drinks, I've as usual forgot to post on here over the weekend.

Friday I saw a production of Wyrd Sisters. Was surprised at how much they'd cut out though, but I guess it is pretty tricky finding someone to play Death. And Weatherwax could have done with a bit of aging make up as she looked not much older than Magrat. But on the whole it was good.

I failed utterly to go look at more TVs on Saturday, but did make it in to London for the vamp game. Somehow I managed to win a game of poker...shame there weren't any stakes. Still no sign of any "plot" though.

The blank bits of the weekend were filled with coding (I've been tinkering with the facebook apps I've written) and watching lots of TV. I imagine tonight will feature more of the same too.