July 12th, 2007

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RQ campaign is continuing onwards in a slow meander towards um...something. Not entirely convinced the recent session was OK, mostly cos I suck at distributing time amongst the players and making sure everyone is engaged. None of my players decided to foolishly try and get themselves killed. The usual suspect is trying to talk his way in to trouble now though.

I've discovered that there really is no chance of me ever getting in to the attic. I spent several minutes frozen halfway up, unable to work up the courage to go any higher and eventually in to the attic itself. Which was pretty frustrating as izzy_stradlin had moved a bunch of stuff up there whilst I wasn't around and in amongst it was stuff I wanted ASAP. Luckily eggwhite came around and rescued stuff.

I guess this is another good reason to get a loft conversion. That would make it easier to get up there.

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