July 4th, 2007

you're all going to die screaming

Today has not got off to the greatest of starts. Didn't sleep too good last night. Took ages dragging myself out of bed. Got a fair distance towards work only to realise I'd forgotten my gizmo and since I'm on call, I can't leave without it. And someone has sprayed part of my desk in some kind of brown(ish) liquid - coffee? blood? Can't tell what. Blah.

Last night's RuneQuest session went well. I turned up to find I'd gained another player - not entirely unexpected, but a few weeks earlier than I'd planned for. Cue much frantic thinking about where to squeeze her in. I decided to have the PCs jump her in bed fairly earlier on ;)

Nearly managed to kill a character again. Same one as last week. He must have a deathwish.

DW Xmas episode

"This will be the most ambitious and best Christmas episode yet," promised executive producer Russell T Davies, who has also written the script.

So it's going to be shit then.