July 2nd, 2007

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That was a very enjoyable weekend. I vaguely remember Friday involved me playing (very badly) Hitman 2, which I'd picked up in a boxed set with 2 of the sequels. I think I prefer MGS for sneaking around and killing people silently though.

Saturday and Sunday were kinda the wrong way around. On Saturday I went to a BBQ. In the rain. urizen managed to coax the thing in to being able to cook dead animal flesh. lucifermourning introduced us to another American custom - homemade lemonade. It was yummy. The smores(sp?) also made another appearance. I also got to experience Carcosone(sp?) with a bazillion add-ons. Unlike usual, I won. Sharing for the win!

Sunday was nice and moderately sunny (ideal BBQ weather), but instead of being outside eating cooked dead flesh, I stayed indoors and sorted out a character for the Transhuman Space game. People will be no doubt pleased to hear it's not a stalker or other kind of sexual deviant unlike previous characters.

I'm not entirely convinced I'm doing Facebook Apps properly. Whilst they function correctly, they don't seem to be getting very many people signing up to them. And I don't think I can get away with adding them to the directory unless I've got plenty of people? Bit of a catch-22. I think, at least in the case of the lovemap, that I'd rather it was spread by word of mouth rather than randoms adding.