May 4th, 2007

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Despite initial fears that majic13 slacking off from the pub would invoke the curse/jinx/whatever and cause it to be a quiet night, it was pretty busy pub wise. Even had twice as many students as usual too ;)

Today is Star Wars day. Beleated best wishes to all you Jedi (and Sith) out there on your special intergalatic day.

To celebrate the day I'm gonna see Spidey!!! w00t! That is assuming I don't go postal and butcher my co-workers who keep insisting on talking about episodes of Lost I've yet to see (and I'm unlikely to see until they come out on DVD or an alternative TV channel).

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And ION, my new "spare" pair of glasses has arrived. I think I'll use them as my normal day-2-day pair and put the highly fragile pair away for special occassions.