April 16th, 2007


If you choose option B...you wrong (and in a very small minority...and male).

If you choose option A...you win! (and appear to be mostly female or xwingredleader ;)

Thanks for the help folks. I'll go and order option A this afternoon. Hurrah for half price spare glasses :)

(Assuming these won't break as often as my "primary" pair)

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Well my "new" glasses are back from repair again. There was a different person working in the store this time though. He mentioned that the bridge was slightly bent. I wonder if that's related to why the stupid things keep breaking. I've placed an order for a spare pair. Although I suspect that they'll become the primary pair and I'll only wear the fragile one for special occassions.

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I also had a trip to the Vampires today. They'd moved them up to one of the wards. Results in the post sometime soon.