April 15th, 2007


The last train home is always such great fun. More so tonight because they had a rail replacement service for the last stop. Everyone piled on to the most obvious looking bus, including a bunch of drunken chavs. Said chavs then proceeded to act like naturally (for chavs) and cause major amounts of disruption. The driver refused to drive with them on the bus. They refused to get off. So we went for plan C - everyone else get off the bus and leave them to it. It mostly worked, although I'm sure some poor folk got left behind. The main thing is that I got back in time to come into the office to get ready for the late night work I'm meant to be doing.

I had nasty visions of me being stuck on a bus going nowhere and not getting back at all. Or worse, the bus skipping my stop and me having an even worse time working out how to get back. For a brief moment I thought it wasn't going to stop, cos the driver went a funny route. I guess it must be quicker/easier or something to go around the bypass. *shrug*