March 26th, 2007

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So I saw "300" on was awesome! The fight scenes are just so bloody amazing...bloody being the operative word. There's blood flung every which way as the Spartans slice and dice their way through the Persian army. The way the weapons interact with their victims looks flawless. Spears and swords jut through flesh. The only bit that looked a tad suspect was sometimes the bloody sprays did just seem to vanish mysteriously in midair. But that's only cos I was concentrating on watching one of them to see what it did.

The ladies (or men who like men) have plenty of half naked beefcake to oggle, but thankfully there's plenty of naked eye candy for us guys (or girls who like girls) too. On the IMAX the nipples at one point must have been several feet tall :D

It's wierd how Frank's work seem to get translated onto the silver screen so awesomely and yet other comics get turned in to shit?