March 22nd, 2007

Total Carnage!

Despite a poor turnout (a My First RPG powergamer campaign took precedence in most cases) everyone who went had lots of fun at Laser Quest.

The first game had some ankle biters which I always find troublesome in such games. They're such a small target that it's hard to hit them and then you feel guilty for spoiling their fun by killing them lots. I don't feel too bad though, because one of the larger sprogs got the top spot.

The second game also had sprogs, but more of the mid-teen variety. Some of which were French which meant the poor guy explaining the safety rules had to wait whilst someone translated. It was a team game which and the 3 of us (dubbed the 3 Amigos) all ended up on the same team, which was annoying as we couldn't shoot each other. The arena doesn't really work well for team games - there isn't really enough room for any "bases" and everyone just ends up running around insanely shooting at everyone like they would in a non-team game.

The third and final game was also a team game, except we decided to split off and form our own team. We didn't do too poorly, although we sucked at coordinating our efforts, so we didn't inflict as much carnage as we could have done. But we got half the points of either of the other teams, so I think that's still quite good.

Hopefully the next time we can drag a whole load more people down.