March 19th, 2007

A very happy un-birthday to me

Having discovered that Pan's Labyrinth had come out on DVD, I just had to get a copy. And like most addicts, once I'd started buying stuff from Amazon, I couldn't really stop and I bought a whole load of other stuff too ;)

I must pull my finger out and get my film list updated. Mostly it involves rewriting the code so that I can add items easier using the code I've written for the IFIS library.

Anyway, despite going for the free, but slow delivery, it's arrived only a couple of days after I ordered it, which is muchly good. Although the timing ain't so great as it's a Monday and I have a bag full of games to take up to GameSoc as well. Might have to pop home at lunchtime to drop stuff off.

Apart from the various brainy things I've been doing the past couple of days (like the tribe map), I also went and saw Ghostrider. It was pretty good - just what I'd expected it to be. And the eye-candy was very pleasing to the eye as well.