March 18th, 2007



They called me crazy! Crazy? Me? Ha! They don't know genius when they see it....

I've just configured my laptop to treat the wireless and wired network interfaces as if they were one. Which means that if I for some reason lose one network connection (ie I unplug the network cable to wander around the house), it just keeps on going. I guess in principle, I must now have a bandwidth of 154Mb too. Shame the ADSL is only 8Mb ;)


Tribal Map 2.0

A long time ago, some of you may recall I was working on something I refered to as that "tribal map" thingy. Well after many fruitless hours/days/weeks trying to work out how to represent the data, I had a sudden brainwave.

I've decided to view it as a trust metric problem. It seems to give surprisingly good results. Due to the bias towards folk who would probably be classed as "my tribe", it's does display quite a heavy emphasis on that one. I'm sure with more input, it'll look more interesting too.

It still uses OpenID to work out if you really are who you say you are on here, so don't be surprised if it takes you to a page that looks like LJ when you log in. Cos it really is LJ just checking that you're happy with my stuff knowing you're you. To which the answer is yes...or else you'll not be able to take part in this little bit of research.

(I seem to be making good use of my "thinking" icon today :)