March 5th, 2007

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I've been very brave today. I finally distangled the mass of cables on my desk, shutdown my old desktop and finally put the new one in it's place. Poor old desktop. It has served me well.

Yesterday had to be the wettest day so far. Luckily I didn't have to spend too much time out in it. There was a trip to some random pub for lunch with blue_cat and a plethora of other folk for her birthday. And then we went back and attempted, and failed, to devour a mountain of donuts. At some point when I work out how, I'll copy the photo I took of using the new phone of blue_cat trying to blow out candles that were on the donuts.

ION, my new phone has got free minutes on it, so I've also prodded Orange to kill the old one. Lets see if they can deactivate the right one. The monkey on the phone was horribly confused by me saying I had a new phone with Orange and wanted to deactivate the one I was calling from. He briefly tried to convince me to stay with Orange *rolls eyes*