February 20th, 2007

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I hate reading week. Not just because when I was a student, we didn't get them (it seems to be mostly for students "Bugger All"s), but because it turns the campus into a ghost town. It's bad enough that most students can't survive an entire week without their parents, but reading week seems to be just an excuse to go home for a very long weekend.

Re-enactment and GameSoc were both deathly quiet. I'm not expecting many to turn up for IFIS either. Or at least to the film - I know some are just planning on going to the social during/afterwards.

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Hmmm...Yahoo seems to be making a valiant effort to drag itself out of the stone-age. They're running a beta of something called Pipes which is a user defined feed aggregator. You have a visual interface in which you put in different modules and then link them up. Some of the modules grab feeds, the others munge it and out the bottom comes an entirely new feed.

It's all very b'zzare and modern - the kind of thing I'd expect from Google.

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