December 14th, 2006

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So far my days off have been very uninvolved and relaxing. Yesterday I mucked around with OCR software and worked out what copies of RWAV I have. I also watched "Stranger Than Fiction". Will Ferrell was strangely able to act in it. I guess this is his "Truman Show" (I always thought Jim Carrey was a bit crap and always reprising his role as The Mask in whatever film he was in until he did "The Truman Show").

Of course the real reason to watch it is for oggling Maggie Gyllenhaal who unfortunately doesn't bend over and get spanked, but does look damn fine still.

Today I went xmas shopping. Some how I manged to randomly bump into darklittlefox and lucfia who were also xmas shopping. Didn't find the one item I was looking for though, but did decide to pick up a copy of RuneQuest.

ION: Yay pub in a bit!

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