October 27th, 2006

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Pub was scarily invaded by the Music soc doing some kind of pub quiz crawl or something. Every so often a team of lovies would stagger in, do all kinds of wierd and wonderful challenges and then stagger out again. Whatever the challenges were, they involved making lots of noise. Amusingly you could tell who the "old" folk were, by who was making disparaging comments about it all.

As seems to be the norm, we had 2 new members show up. I think they enjoyed themselves. No favourite barmaid unfortunately this week - apparently she's ill. Meant we had to walk up to the bar to get our drinks. On the plus side they'd got the old cook back in to cover and the food seemed to be better.

One more week or so to go and then the new management turn up. And they're redecorating the place too. Which means no Thursday on the 9th unless we can decide on a different pub.

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