August 14th, 2006

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Well that was a very geeky weekend. Friday anonymous_james came over to swap PSUs with me. The one he gave me works, but doesn't fit in the case, so my PC is still gutted and exposed. But on the plus side it works, so I've managed to backup everything that was on it. On the downside I critically fumbled my "Hold CDs and a permie marker" roll and accidently marked the wrong side of one of the CDs. So I'll have to redo that one at some stage.

The rest of the weekend I spent playing Puzzle Pirates. I have no idea why. It's strangely addictive. But there isn't that much to do as a non-subscriber. Mostly I've been trying to scrabble together enough money to buy a decent outfit. I only have rags or a rather naff pink pirate outfit to wear initially. I want purple! :)

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