July 24th, 2006

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Put the scanner through it's paces at the weekend. Managed to scan in ~150 titles in a few hours. With a pile of DVDs next to me, it took hardly any time to scan them in. Most of the time was spent making piles of DVDs to scan. Might see how long the laptop can last without mains power and go wireless so that I don't have to move the DVDs to me.

The only technical problem I found was a bunch of DVDs I got cheap from Tescos a few months back had dodgy barcodes on them. Dodgy in the sense that they seemed to be used several times for different discs. I guess Tescos was using them for pricing rather than product identification.

Other than that, I did pretty much nothing of note except rack up yet more time off in lieu.

I'm glad Film Four is free now. It'll be interesting to see if they show much worth watching.

The little things...

..amuse me. Like the fact that Southern rail are cheap wotsits and reused the auto-announcer saying "Sutton" to say "Southern".

The trip in to the big smoke was plagued with a pack of chavs. Somehow they managed to hijack the PA system and play Indian music through it. That is until the tallest bloke I've ever seen storm over and threaten to kick them senseless if they did it again. Shortly followed by the guard giving them a more "official" warning. Definitely not the brightest bunch either staying on a train via Richmond when they wanted Hounslow.

Took a different route to the pub this week. Down the back roads etc... They're a lot more interesting than the main road. Lots of little shops. More people bustling about. On the whole a lot more colourful. And the best part? Knowing exactly when to turn off to meet up with the main road. I love my inate navigational skills :)