July 19th, 2006

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I kinda jinxed myself with my last post. It got awfully busy later on in the day. Bah. But at least I'm sitting in an A/C'd office.

Had a play with the new toy last night only to discover that Amazon's XML interface doesn't support looking up barcodes in the UK. Does for the US and a few other countries. That sucks. But I've found a work around that involves prodding the website directly...probably means it'll stop working in a while. But it'll do until they fix things.

I'm sorely tempted to go and see Superman tonight, but work are trying to make me come in at 2am to do work. Would mean I'd get tomorrow off, which could be a chance to see Superman during the day when there'll be less folk around? But would mean I'd not get any sleep ... although it's not like I am cos of the heat. Hmmm...will have to ponder this ASAP.

EDIT: Looks like I am coming in tonight and getting tomorrow off. I'll trade in A/C in the office for A/C at the cinema.

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