July 17th, 2006

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A very quiet weekend. Did a bit of coding in preparation of the toy arriving (apparently it's being delivered as I type according to Royal Mail). Wasted far too much time in Dark Ages dealing with dull stuff and not getting anything useful done. Cunningly did some shopping before Dark Ages since I was going to be in town anyway. Watched a bunch of stuff about Superheroes on the many channels covering such stuff. Which meant watching most of Superman 1 and the Hulk.

(no subject)

Woohoo!!!! It's arrived!!!!

Now I just need to work out why it doesn't work. I think it might be conflicting with the keyboard, which might not be an issue on the laptop as the keyboard is built in. Guess I'll have to wait until I get home as I don't want to fiddle with it too much at work.


It seems my thrilling night of playing with my new toy is a no-no. Doesn't currently work under Linux cos of a driver bug. Thankfully there are people aware and probably fixing it already. I can't even play with it under Windows cos I don't remember my password.