June 29th, 2006


Someone just learnt that touching live power cables is a Bad Thing(tm). Think he was repairing the street lights. He's managed to take out a large chunk of the power in the area. Means I get to sit around here, twiddling my toes and listening to the dulcit tones of a dozen UPS screaming about the lack of power.


EDIT: Everything is back to normal. Hurrah. And amusingly I was the only person not to wuss out and shut their machine down :)
Don't think it was down for more than an hour.

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In other news, Scottish Power have finally sent me a cheque/refund. I'm not certain it's for the full amount, but it's still a large sum of money so I'm not sure whether or not I should prod them to find out where they got the figure from. Annoyingly I was just going to pay it in anyway, but forgot. *pahs*