June 24th, 2006

(no subject)

Blergh. That was not fun at all. The work I had to go in for went OK I guess. Got home sometime around 6am. 2 hours later and I got phoned up cos I'm also on-call. I've just got back from the office (again) having helped deal with the issue. Which was very indirectly caused by the work I'd done earlier but not in a way that meant it was the work the cause. It just highlighted a problem that already existed.

Still, it does mean I get a day off at some point in the future and nearly 5 hours of on-call pay to look forward to.

Now I'm going to be a muchly comatosed person for a bit...maybe the rest of the weekend.

ION: anonymous_james will be pleased to know that making my glasses even worse on Thursday has meant I've been forced to get an appointment ;)