June 12th, 2006

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Ye gads it's hot. The kind of heat that sneaks up behind you and mugs you for your lungs. Although with the way my lungs feel right now, I'd think that might be a blessing. Saves me coughing them out slowly.

So...what have I been up to. Well I've watched a lot of TV and films - nothing new, just stuff that was on the telly. Yesterday they had Lady Hawk on for example.

The only other highlight of the weekend was an impromptu picnic in the park organised by gmplatypus. Was fun when we eventually managed to overcome the confusion over which entrance people were meeting at.

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Urg. I have just eaten the most foulest, yet tasty pizza ever. Dominos have sunk to new lows, by creating a pizza that has a layer of cheese in the base. It's not real cheese, it's some fake plastic stuff that tastes very nice, yet foul at the same time. It makes the pizza taste better, but awful. I certainly do feel very queasy having eaten some and more so thinking about it.