May 22nd, 2006

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Well I'm back from York now. Didn't avoid the AGM in the end. Thankfully didn't have to do much than just wave insanely at folk when I got a name check. And it went surprisingly fast. Then everything went insane as we prepared for the Awakening game. I couldn't find my minions and nobody had ever heard of them before. Turns out they were uber shiny and new players and they were a tad late. Thankfully not too late to get them all briefed up and in to the Free Council meeting.

The game itself was very chaotic, but that probably is how things should be as no-one IC really knew what was going on. Or at least the folk I was STing seemed utterly clueless. Didn't really get to do much actual roleplaying as I kept getting nabbed by folk who needed an ST and I got seperated from my minions who managed to get on with their brief. And by all accounts did what they set out to do. Result! No idea what this entails yet though.

Requiem was a bit of a damp squid again. Clan meeting was dull. Reminded me of work social. No idea why I'd want to hang out with any of them. Then I missed out on the CoC scene which meant that loads of interesting people to talk to were out of the game for several hours having fun without me. And the cool plot I'd thought we were going to do later got postponed to email. Almost gave up and went to bed early, but thankfully I didn't as it meant I had a chance to talk to the CoC folk when they got back and cause a bit of havok.

Trip back was uneventful apart from the weather. OMGWTF!!! How much rain? Thanks to cream_horn I got back with plenty of time for the Modern Mystics game. Which took a while to get going and I was a bit dozey for the begining but was fun.

Today I'm back at work :(