March 27th, 2006

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That was a fun weekend. A couple of good parties. Plenty of slobbing in front of the TV watching GITS:SAC (still only half way through). And my first Awakening game as a player.

It's only been marred by the clocks changing and screwing up my sleep pattern. Or at least I had a really rough night of intermitten sleep

I also watched Tomb Raider and Memento. The latter I highly recommend to anyone who hasn't seen it yet. It's about a guy who can't commit anything to short term memory any more, trying to track down the guy who raped and murdered his wife. He writes himself notes and tattoos some of them on to his body.

The various scenes are played out in reverse, which is very messed up. You see how the film ends and then it slowly works it's way backwards to the beginning. And I have to admit, the beginning really surprised me.

I'm wondering how feasible it'd be to play as a character concept in some game. Probably not a very long term or serious one I'd have thought.

Annoyingly, LJ seems to not have heard that over in England the clocks have changed. Might need to fiddle with my timezone to find GMT that has BST on the right date.