March 1st, 2006

(no subject)

Week is going well so far. I'm mildly confused and amused by my trip in to work these past couple of days. Every time I walk into Tescos, the security alarm goes off. When I leave, it doesn't. Even more amusingly, the staff have already spotted that it's happening as well. I can't see any obvious reason why one set of security sensors would pick me up and the others wouldn't. Going to try walking through in the other direction to see if it's only if I'm going in or whether it's just the same set of sensors.

EDIT: Well that was wierd. I guess they must have "fixed" the main entrance security sensors cos they went off when I walked in too. And then the other ones went off when I left as well. It's not surprising it was going off - the box had 3 tags on it in various places.

And for everyone on Sunday - I saw a milk float today :)