February 26th, 2006

It's all so quiet...

I think on the whole this weekend has gone remarkably well. Friday I watched most of Shrek and ate pizza. I couldn't stay awake long enough to watch all of it, due mostly to getting wasted on Wednesday and that ruining my sleep and partly due to the bottle of wine I put away. Still, that bottle of wine made for a very fun evening. C4 comedy is even funnier when you're drunk :)

Saturday didn't really go according to plan. I got up fairly late. Slobbed around a lot and eventually got myself into gear and headed in to town for shopping. Had a brief nose at the church book stall, which was sadly lacking in anything worth getting. Then I went and got my costume for the fancy dress party. I really lucked out. BHS had a green(ish) long sleeved t-shirt thing with a white undershirt effect going on. Which was just perfect for my Silent Bob outfit. Plus I found a really cheap baseball cap.

I also picked up a copy of Sid Meier's Pirates. Which is where the rest of my day went. And most of the night too. It's a very good update to an old classic. After the Defender of the Crown crapness, I had worried it might be shite, but no, it's just as good as the old version. And they've added some cool new stuff and made things work a little more sensible. Like you can actually see the other ships sailing past rather than just getting a random message pop up. Makes it a lot easier to go kick some Spanish butt!

Anyhow. Was all slack about heading up to fight club, so stayed at home and played more Pirates. Eventually dragged myself away and dressed up Silent Bob and went to HoP. Thankfully everyone recognised who I was without me having to launch into a lengthy game of charades. Lots of other good costumes. urizen was very good as whoever he was (brainfreeze - can't remember). cryx's Rogue was subtle yet very good too. And there was pizza as well. And we watched Sky High which is on my list of films to buy.

Gave up the whole silence thing once pizza arrived and took of the basecap of silence. Can't sing the praises of pizza without words. Belches maybe I guess? :)