February 23rd, 2006

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Last night was fun. There was much alcohol. And of course montysheep in a skirt. And a corset-top. With straight hair. She looked amazing (hence my previous comment about oggling young totty). Did try to take some pictures, but I've not yet got the hang of my new camera and they mostly came out blurry.

Did get two pictures to work. One of uveron looking evil. And one of wychboy trying to drink his drink whilst balancing it in his (non-existant) cleavage. Might post them up later when I get them off my computer at home.

Unless I drink too much at the pub tonight. w00t! Pub!

(no subject)

*yums* Subway rock. Just had one of their meatball and cheese subs. Very tasty. Shame it was wet out when I went to go get it.

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