February 17th, 2006

Spending spree over

Well that's another 10 titles to add to my collection. 6 of them I've never ever heard of before. Looking on IMDb some of them don't get slated that much - a couple even score 6 out of 10!

I also got Ocean's 11 & The Man With One Red Shoe which weren't going for 97p, but I figured I'd get them anyway. And 2 of them were from the cartoon show of Evolution! I can't believe they made it into a cartoon.

I might have got more, but I was grossed out by the smell of poo coming from the woman stacking more films onto the shelves *yucks*

(no subject)

Now that the IFIS library is open, I was half expecting some students to actually want to borrow some books. None have so far. Which is a bit disapppointing until I remmebered that the power is being mucked about with on campus, so more than likely they're either not able to read the email or they can't spod anyway.

Which is a good way to look at this or else I might start feeling my geekhood was inadequate :)