February 13th, 2006

(no subject)

The weekend was on the whole very odd. As far as my brain was concerned it consisted of at least 2 Sundays. Friday I didn't do much except watch a lot of TV. I finally got to the watch the IT Crowd which I found to be amusing.

On Sunday (#1) I slobbed around the place and didn't really do much. I watched Monk which is always good fun. The evening was spent playing boardgames at Chez Plot.

On Sunday (#2) I staggered up the hill to fight club and swung a sword around a lot. Didn't feel I was as good as I could be. Staggered down the hill again afterwards and had a nap as I was very tired. I suspect this nap is the cause of why I had a really poor nights sleep - couldn't really get off. Once I eventually un-napped I spent it in front of the TV, although there wasn't really much on worth watching as I'd slept through it all. So I watched Mystery Men.

I was disturbed by a convo earlier. My female co-workers were discussing their most lusted after superheros. They tried engaging the male co-workers by trying to get our opinions on female superheros, but mostly we just watched them being uber geeky.

Tonight I have GameSoc to look forward to, although I'm expecting to get my ear chewed off for having to pull out of playing Diablo 2. I've no idea what level the rest of the party are, but I've not had time to even catch up to where they were when I finished the first session. But I think I'd rather play board/card games anyway.