February 10th, 2006

(no subject)

Just read this article about how many PCs in the world are infected with spyware and this got me thinking. Why hasn't someone written a virus that goes around killing the bad stuff? I suspect one of the main reasons is that there isn't any money in it. Virii these days seem to be driven by making money somehow.

I'd also expect that there is the fear that they'd cause more trouble than good. They'd have to replicate fast to keep the real viruses down and there is the risk that they could be subverted.

Anyway, last night was good. Got to socalise with some of our more remote tribal members which was very very good. The pub has gone a bit up market. The food is posher (chips with the skin on) and there were candles on some of the tables. Odd candles too. I think I overheard the landlord say they were anti-drip candles. Whatever they were, they didn't melt right and dribble all down the sides of the wine bottles they were in.