February 2nd, 2006

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It's been an eventful few days. Although despite not having a darklittlefox around, I've not spent it running about the flat nekkid :)

Tuesday I watched Batman Begins. Lots of other people showed up. Not sure whether that's indicative of something or not.

Yesterday was a bit of a screwup. I thought I'd booked the day off, but I had instead booked next Wednesday off. Thankfully work are OK with that. I'd booked it off so that I could spend the day helping to catalogue the IFIS library. We very nearly managed to complete the whole job except I forgot the list of books I'd printed out.

I had my laptop with the list on and it went much quicker only having to type in the ISBNs and updating the quantities. In the end we're just left with 4 shelves to go which is about 600books. But with lists/laptops that should only take 2 or 3 people a couple of hours to do.

*looks forward to pub tonight*

ION: w00t! They're opening a Subway in town